Me And My Girl – take home treasures from 1937

This hugely success 1937 musical ran for 1646 performances at the Victoria Palace helped by the hit song ‘the Lambeth walk’ and a live radio broadcast.  It was televised in 1939 but would have been seen by very few people.

The star was Lupino Lane playing a cockney about to become part of the aristocracy.  The doll represents him in his cockney clothes.  The show was revived in 1941, 1945 and 1949 and each production starred and was directed by Lupino Lane.  It is not known which production had this doll for sale but it is most likely the original.

The show of course went to have a very successful revised revival in the 1980s both in London and New York –by then the marketing items were remarkably different.

RSB                                        Lupino Lane Doll from the Overtures Collections